xUnit2NUnit web service

There are various easy ways to convert one XML file into another XML file, usually through an XSL transformation. Most languages support this with little code. For example, in C# it could be something like this (simplified):

However, I decided to create a simple web service to achieve a few things. For one, to demonstrate that such repetitive code can be wrapped into a service and accessed from everywhere, for example as part of build scripts. Other reasons include that I wanted to play with ASP.NET 5, experimenting with more complex options than just request-response despite the simple use case and host the service on an Azure Web App.

The current version of the service can be found on github at https://github.com/thoean/xUnit2NUnit. It builds with AppVeyor and as part of the build, I start the web service in the background and run a very basic service level test against it (I’ve written a dedicated blog post on service level testing recently).