Improve page speed

There are some rumors on the web that page-rank might soon be influenced by the quality of the web page, among other factors also output compression and caching.

Additionally, users are not willing to wait for long responses, so quick delivery of a page is a must-have for any website.


The Apache Module mod_deflate offers options to compress the http response. Some older browsers do not support compression under certain conditions (such as for css files or other external resources). Also there are problems with pdfs files in internet explorer, as the content is directly sent to the PDF reader instead of decompressing it first.

Enabling mod_deflate is quite easy. Either directly in .htaccess or more generally in httpd.conf. A valid example is the following, see the mod_deflate documentation for further details:


Browser caching of external resources can increase loading time of a web page and decrease server load. Browser caching should be used for static resources such as pictures, css files etc.

Enabling cache expiration can be done with the Apache module mod_expires, either with an entry in .htaccess or the server’s httpd.conf. Cache times need to be entered in seconds: