I started to develop a principles-oriented way of working. Those have paid off in my team, and I believe are applicable broader. With principles-oriented way I mean that “those are the inner believes of the team” and manifests in behavior such as “we don’t discuss about those, but this is the very nature how we develop our software”.

Here are my current two principles, easy to understand, hard to get there, but then easy to maintain and provide a true accelerator to the team by reducing errors on production software:

  1. No errors in production. True, we’ll always have errors. But we do everything to detect them early, fix them before the customer notices them, and iterate towards very stable software.
  2. Automate everything. Again, we won’t automate 100%. But my team’s cloud account has only 3 things that have been manually created (and those are fully documented). A specific outcome of that is that hitting the “merge button” on a pull request will automatically deploy a service to production (while we drink a cup of coffee, or more likely, already work on the next task).