A boring place

Or how to spark creativity.

Recently, I wrote about A calm place. A place without hectic, without weekend work, in a well-aligned team. Obviously not everything is perfect, but still: What’s next?

Continuation of above. Have no team changes, no big changes around your goals and mission, and simply show up and execute well. Do this for over half a year. Repeat and repeat. Become boring.

And eventually, a first voice raises. What’s next? How can I strive? How can I advance? What will the team be doing in a year from now? Questions you hoped to hear a long time ago are eventually asked.

If it’s boring, kids start playing with the simplest things available. The same for your team members. Boring places allow for thinking time. And then, individuals start to question the status quo. They start to think about their next moves. Creativity is born.

A calm and boring place allows for creativity, for experimentation, for failure. It’s now time to explore this territory again. Back then, it was a reactive failure mode. This time, it’s a proactive, adventurous exploratory mode.

Be surprised what curiosity might bring to you and your team.