Stop calling them direct reports

Or acting like a coach is a choice.

The word direct report sounds hierarchical. That she has to deliver a report I can sign off. That I’m in charge of her. That I am the authority of her actions. This might to some degree be useful in a process-oriented manufacturing shop floor (and even there it starts to be outdated). But it’s far from what should happen in an office full of creative work, where people are measured by the creative value-driven output and not by the number of hours they show up.

Creativity needs diversity in thoughts and approaches. Reports deliver the opposite.

Creativity is where humans shine compared to robots. Authority from a manager over a direct report treats them like robots.

Creativity needs flexibility of where, when and how the work is being done. Reports ask for standardization, like passing a test.

Stop being a career manager who treats the team like a crowd of direct reports. Choose to be a career coach so they can grow their very own personalized progression. Matching their needs and aspirations.

Who will you coach to success today?